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From updating HVAC systems in older homes to providing air conditioner installation services for new construction projects, we can handle it all. Turn to JB Heating & Air Inc. for air conditioner and furnace installation services in Loveland, CO. We sell and install top-quality HVAC units and equipment. You can also count on us to install heat pumps and water heaters. We can improve your indoor air quality too.

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Signs you need a new system

Signs you need a new system

When your system is beyond repairs or repairs are simply too expensive, consider reaching out to us for furnace or air conditioner installation services. You should also think about replacing your system if your:

  • Energy bills are higher than average
  • HVAC is making loud, unusual noises
  • System struggles to cool or heat your home

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our air conditioner or furnace installation services. Please note we only install the HVAC units we provide.